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The World Tea Society is dedicated to the history of tea, its cultural importance, etiquette and the art of presentation.  The Society celebrates friendship, social outings and culinary delights in the tradition of afternoon tea.  We invite you to step into the world of a society based around tea – a place of encouragement that was created for likeminded individuals.  The World Tea Society will encourages you to be your best with a positive attitude. We are joining women and men together and creating a friendship community through social afternoon tea events. We socially connect with one another to inspire each other with hospitality and graciousness.  We’re dedicated to all things tea, from sampling new flavors to simply gathering over a cuppa. What better way to meet new people than with a cup of tea and great company?

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Tea Rules

  • All members and or attendees are required to hold a sincere and unrequited passion for tea.
  • Members are required to pay a membership fee and each year thereafter that they wish to continue their membership for.
  • Each member will be eligible to join our exclusive World Tea Society meetings, invitations are always sent out under separate cover.  
  • All members are expected to RSVP or pre-pay each event they wish to attend in order to reserve their place.
  • Ticket prices vary for each Tea event and typically range from $10 – $ 30 per member.
  • If you fail to attend an event without notice, we cannot refund your fee. If you cancel your attendance at least 2 weeks prior we will endeavor to find another lady to take your place. Less than 2 weeks prior to the event we cannot guarantee any refund.
  • All members will be expected to dress appropriately for each tea event.  Hats and gloves are required for ladies. Suits and pocket square are required for gentlemen.
  • Members are responsible for their own actions at our events.
  • The World Tea Society cannot be held in any way responsible for the actions of any venue, tea partner or attendees that we invite or work with to bring our events to you.
  • The World Tea Society reserves the right to refuse entry to any ladies or gentleman failing to dress or hold themselves in a manner appropriate to the occasion.
  • Tea posing is obligatory so sit up ladies and gentleman, take your tea cup and flex your pinky for that perfect tea pose!


Why become a World Tea Society Member?

The World Tea Society offers a little bit of me time, to sit down with like-minded individuals and take yourself to another destination over a cup of tea.  An event to get dressed in your finest attire and enjoy a light lunch of miniature sandwiches, sconces and tea cakes. Come and escape with us at our next tea event.

Yearly Subscription is $25 and can be purchased for yourself or as a gift.

New members are always welcomed and we’d love to meet you at our next event! 

The majority of our events are held bi-monthly and currently take place in or around Athens and Atlanta, GA, but if you’d like to become more involved and help us expand The World Tea Empire, do get in touch.

Membership can be bought for yourself or for a friend –  just contact us to confirm any special requirements or pay now.


Membership includes the following benefits:

  • A special gift containing everything you need to become an official World Tea Lady or Gentleman including an official membership letter, assorted teas, embroidered handkerchiefand a surprise gift from us.
  • Priority booking to unique World Tea events, such as our Spring Social and Winter Wonderland Tea.
  • Meet like-minded, tea loving, fun individuals.
  • Attend an annual complimentary event for yourself with the invitation to invite a friend.
  • Chatter about tea and post pictures on The World Tea Society’s social media.
  • Opportunities to become involved, and be the hostess of an event.
  • Be part of something special, we are a growing community of tea loving ladies and gentlemen coming together and who knows where it might take us.
  • Tell us your story and be featured as one of our World Tea members of the Month. We support our members and follow them on their journeys – who knows, they might inspire you too!

Past Teas

Tea News

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A cup of tea is much more than a pleasing beverage. It is the culmination of careful cultivation, backbreaking labor, artisanal craftsmanship, thoughtful preparation and centuries if not millennia of history. With each sip, we are not only being nourished by the fragrant liquor, we are imbued with the essence of the people and the […]

Learn About Tea

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Summoned to Tea

A tea party at Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party parlor in Atlanta GA is a party indeed. A quirky good time spent with spooktacular dressed members. The tea menu and food was to die for,  all served for a good cause.


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